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Safety is the first thing any new shooter should learn.

We at Rochdale AGC believe safety forms the basis of our sport, and in promoting the safe and responsible enjoyment of airgunning. So we’ve come up with a course aimed at newcomers mainly, but one that would also be beneficial to airgunners around the country. 
Our Safety First course brings you up to speed on everything from the dangers of misuse, handling your airgun appropriately, and ensuring you’re shooting safely and within the law.

RAGC Safety First is currently a club only award*, but ensures you have the know-how to operate safely wherever you are.

The course will cover:

  • Dangers of Airguns
  • Safety and shooting
  • You and your airgun
  • Places you can shoot
  • Airgun Laws
  • Shooting techniques
  • Range assessment

Courses are just 10

We hope to imprint upon our members the importance of safety, without safety our sport has no future.


Course bookings can be taken by email, using our Contact Us page. Courses last for 2 hours and a Club Certificate will be issued the following week. You will also receive a Club Starter pack, which will provide you with information, and some Club gifts..
The Course is not mandatory, but is advisable if you are new to airgunning.

* RAGC is currently looking to have this course recognised by NSRA.


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